Cardiac Arrest

Reek Sunday, 2016. 3 A.M. My alarm woke me, and I completed my usual routine of getting ready for the day ahead. Except today I was part of the first aid cover for the 25,000 pilgrims hiking Croagh Patrick. My lift arrived and we set off for Mayo. We stopped for food at a deli,

What It’s Like To Do The Belt, And Not Get It – by Aoibhinn Moyne

Ciao amici, My name is Aoibhinn Moyne. I’m a rover from Errigal County and I took part in

What’s a Programme Review? And, why does it matter?

What’s a Programme Review? And, why does it matter? Megan Little asks Richard Scriven about the Programme Review. 

These Ears Were Made For Listening

Get informed about the latest resource available to you and your group on national camps: The Listening Ear Service – by Mary-Liz McGrath Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to sit down and listen: Camps can be places where some of our greatest memories are made, the strongest of friendships are forged, and where the

On The Voyage Of A Pathfinder with Greg Andersen

I’ll be honest. I threw myself into Scouts because I watched a TV show about it and felt I would develop into a hardworking, strong, macho-man. I, despite resting my faith in the Boy Scouts of America, was wrong. I never became that strong manly-man who in the show rescued people from burning buildings, or

Throwback Thursday

Hi everyone As you know this year is the celebration of Cubs 100 and Beavers 40. To celebrate this we have a number of projects for throughout the year that we want to run in conjunction with as many people as possible basically. The first one is called Throwback Thursday…the idea is that we all

An Ode To Youth Workers by Kerry Trevaskis Hoskin

I’ve been in scouting since I was five years old. I feel extremely lucky to have spent almost my entire life as a scout , with both my parents being involved in the organisation. I believe scouting has shaped me into the person I am today, I’m 15 and some sort of socialist, punk, self-proclaimed

Caoimhe Fitzgibbon & Nicola Murphy Debate The Motion That “Irish Is a Dying Language, With Little Relevance Today”

It is compulsory in all primary and second level schools in Ireland to study the Irish language from

Laura O’Connor On Promising, Speech Making and Constitution Bending

As I write this on a dreary Monday in the middle of November, I am trying to withhold my jubilation from some Very Big News that I have received. The motion that was passed by National Council on the 12th September 2015 – to add a third, secular Scout Promise to our Constitution – has

“Youth Empowerment” or Free Choice? Rory Nevin in Conversation with Richard Scriven

Rory: Hey Richard my group just started a Venture Crew! There’s only 2 of us but we’ve already planned so much

Conor O’Sullivan on How “Blood Isn’t Everything”, and Building a National Family

  I’ve been in scouting Ireland since I was eight years old. During my term in this organisation I’ve

“I was going to stay home and dream about killing myself, but I had to run Beavers that night.”

I was going to stay home and dream about killing myself, but I had to run Beavers that night. In Transition Year I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and since then I have been on medication that mimics the lack of dopamine and serotonin in my beautiful malfunctioning brain. I hated life, every part of it. I

Nicola Murphy on The In-Between Days

“We’ve spent most of our lives saying “when I grow up…”, and now the frightening reality is that for most of us, we are fast approaching the stage where that changes to “now that I’ve grown up…” 

7 Years A Scout, Still Can’t Pitch A Tent – Editor’s Letter, 19/09/2015

I joined scouts when I was ten years of age, completely unequipped to pitch a tent, tie a square lashing or make a dinner for my camp mates on an open fire. Seven years on, I am still as hopeless.

Eithne Walsh // “Listen”

There’s so much more to being a scout, Than knots and badges and walking about, Sure there’s camping

“A Scout Seeks Justice For All” by Sinéad Callanan

As members of a global community, young people who have promised to be kind and brave, and, well, humans, we have all been affected by what has been happening in Syria and the wider world. How could we not be? We are supposed to be committed to ‘creating a better world’, and right now the world

Lisa Mc Evoy, 9th Port Malahide – Photography

  Lisa McEvoy of 9th Port, Malahide, shares her stunning landscape shots, displaying a knack for seeing and

Katie Spillane on the Complexities of “Inside Out”

Towards the end of this Summer, Scouting Ireland ran a competition to be in with a chance to

Sean Cronin on Building a Better Organisation and, In Turn, A Better Society

I remember being an impressionable 11 year old sea scout. I was quiet, rarely ever outspoken. I thought that being different was weird, and if I tried to express myself in any way I’d be an outcast, I’d be labelled.