What’s a Programme Review? And, why does it matter?

What’s a Programme Review? And, why does it matter?

Megan Little asks Richard Scriven about the Programme Review. 

The Review of the ONE Programme has been launched this week. Megan and Richard talk about what is involved, and why you should take part in the online survey. 

You can take the survey here: https://my.scouts.ie/resources/national_initiatives/programme_review-402.html 

Megan: What’s the programme review all about?

Richard: The idea of Plan, Do, Review is very important. So we should use it for all parts of scouting, not just our activities. The ONE Programme is now six year’s old and it is time to review it. There are several stages involved in the review, it’s like a research project. The first big stage is an online survey which will gather opinions from as many members as possible. There is also a poster survey to help Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts participate. The second main part will be Provincial Consultations which will happen in the autumn. At these people will be able to discuss ideas, share experiences, and offer suggestions to improve the programme.

Megan: Do you feel this review will be a success?

Richard: I believe it CAN be a success. But, that success depends on people taking part. It is up to each member of Scouting Ireland to share their experiences of the ONE Programme so we can all learn. The review is based on valuing how each young person and adult volunteer uses the programme and what they think of it. Also, this review will lead to real change in the programme, once it is supported. David, as the new Chief commissioner (Youth Programme), and the new Youth Programme team are fully committed to implementing the recommendations of the review. If enough people participate it will give them the mandate to bring in the need adjustments and improvements.     

Megan: What are your opinions on the programme, do you feel much needs to be changed?
Richard: Oh, Megan! That’s a loaded question. I’ll give an honest but general answer, as I don’t want to bias the process. I like our programme. It think the fundamentals are excellent. The SPICES have changed the way we do scouting in Ireland; they focus us the main aim of scouting, they make us better scouts. Also, the ONE Programme has given us increased opportunities for young people to take control of their programme, with appropriate adult support, in all of the sections. This is the essence of the Scout Method. And, there is a greater equality among the sections: we now see each section as a part of an overall programme.

Yes, there always need to be changes. This is true of everything in life: there is always room for improvement! The changes to the ONE Programme will depend on the feedback received. From my experiences as Scouter in a Venture Scout section and from being on the Scout Team I am aware of aspects of the programme that I think need changing, but that is only my opinion. Each person has their own experiences, and only by collecting all of these can we fully understand the changes required.     

Megan: Do you feel many people will take the time to fill it out?

Richard: Yes, I am confident they will. The first stage is a simple online survey which only takes a few minutes to fill out. Each youth member and Scouter has invaluable insight into the programme and I believe they will want to share it. Some of it maybe critical, and some of it will be complimentary, and some of it will be unsure. And, that’s all fine. Also, we’ve developed a poster survey to get the opinions of Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts to ensure they add to the process.

Megan: Why should we bother fill it out?

Richard: You should fill it out because you are filling it out for yourself and your Group. It is your programme and it should be the programme you and your Group needs. If you think something is great and we need to keep it, fill out the survey. If you think something is awful and needs to go, fill out the survey. If you think something needs tweaking or is too complicated, fill out the survey. By filling out the survey, you are helping yourself, your group, and scouting.

Richard is a member of the Programme Review Steering Group 

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