15 Venture Challenge Observations by Neasa Cumiskey

The Venture Scout Challenge is a huge event on the Venture Scout calendar. It sees teams of two walking 100km in 5 days, completing a number of challenges, dining on a budget of €4 each per day, and surviving without killing your partner. Challenge is not only a prestigious accomplishment to have under your belt, but also a fantastic experience that brings people closer together. However, there are some Challenge observations and rules that remained unspoken until we were left to discover them ourselves. Allow this list to be an aid to anyone hoping to do Challenge in 2016 or thereafter, and please do not take everything I say too seriously.

15 Venture Challenge Observations (as told by half of Team 1)

  • Do not spend the week leading up to Challenge nervously researching the ever-changing weather in Ireland because it will somehow terrify you into bringing shorts, sunglasses, and Ugg boots on the journey, just in case.

  • The moment you and your partner get deserted at your designated starting location is the very moment you will remember that you’ve forgotten your toothbrush or something equally as important at home.

  • You will never experience true horror until you are walking through a series of abrupt turns on the road and nearly get flattened by several merciless cars.

  • 100km by foot while carrying nearly your entire body weight on your back is agonising. Try using a skateboard to pull your rucksack alongside you or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, use a donkey.

  • It is inevitable that as the days go on your odour will become somewhat offensive. This is a reminder that the words “Would you like a shower?” will be like music to your ears.

  • If it rains, somehow, somewhere, a part of your tent will leak. Even if it doesn’t rain your tent will probably leak. It’s better to just accept this before it happens.

  • You will never want to look at rice or pasta with disgusting 49c sauces ever again. These become your main meals on the road and you will crave Dolmio sauces all day, everyday.

  • The diversity of animals you encounter on the road will resemble that of a zoo. For example, my partner and I happened upon copious amounts of dogs, followed by a house with a peacock on its roof.

  • Do not take a pop up tent with you on the road unless you have a PhD in Advanced Origami and are willing to apply your doctorate every morning.

  • Someone will bring a guitar to Base Camp. They will only be able to play “Wonderwall” and they will play it proudly, much to the dismay of everybody else.

  • On the topic of Base Camp, you will find that the campfire loves you and wants to be close to you. It may be cold but don’t sit too close to the fire because looking like you, and your singed eyebrows, have been left in the oven for too long is not a good look.

  • While walking, you will remind one of a feral animal. People you meet will probably feel sorry for you and offer you food like you actually are one.

  • Once you are nice and toasty in your sleeping bag, you will immediately need to use the toilet. This sounds bad already, but is a lot worse when rain is involved.

  • At some point you will vow never to go camping ever again and question your entire existence. Additionally, people will think you are insane for doing Challenge at all, especially when you tell them you aren’t doing it for charity, but for a woggle.

  • On the road, you will find yourself praying for time to hurry up so you can get to Base Camp and see everyone. What you won’t realise, however, is that the time spent there enjoying yourself will go so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss it.

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  1. Hazz says:

    “play wonderwall” – Amy Phelan every time a guitar is present

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