Eithne Walsh // “Listen”

There’s so much more to being a scout,

Than knots and badges and walking about,

Sure there’s camping and chanting and building spar gates,

But it makes it much more special when you do it with mates.

The scouts are like your family, you feel like you belong,

Especially around a campfire as they start to sing a song,

You toast some marshmallows and make some smores,

Then you cant get to sleep because everyone snores.

There’s midnight feasts and you roam the woods,

All those special memories from our childhoods,

But something has changed over the years,

As its no longer the adult who domineers.

The youth of scouting Ireland are spreading the word,

That the youth of scouting Ireland has a right to be heard,

They’re talking about the challenges that they’ve overcome,

And some about the challenges they haven’t yet won.

So its time to listen, and to listen well,

To the story the youth are trying to tell.

Eithne Walsh, 

5/22nd Killaloe

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